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Schluter Systems heated flooring systems are installed by our talented team in Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding areas.



Rainwood Interiors is dedicated to utilizing the most durable, practical, and up-to-date products on the market. With this goal in mind, we have teamed up with Schluter Systems to ensure our customers receive the very best innovation has to offer! Schluter Systems is a leading edge technology boasting a long line of successful products and systems that have made Schluter Systems the largest and most innovative supplier in the industry. Schluter products consist of the materials we use for our underlayment, heated floor system, waterproof shower system, finishing profiles, and beyond. As the only Schluter Systems authorized dealers in Lincoln and the surrounding areas, we at Rainwood Interiors strive to educate our customers on the superior benefits they receive through Schluter products on nearly every project we install. Our entire design and installation teams have participated in in-depth Schluter Systems training to ensure you understand and receive the highest-quality experience and installation available! We’d love to demonstrate for you first-hand the benefits Schluter Systems offers, so please give us a call; or better yet, visit our showroom today!

Schluter Systems heated flooring systems are installed by our talented team in Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding areas.

Areas of Use


Tub Decks

Barrier-free Bathrooms


Heated Floors





Partition Walls


Featured Products

Schluter DITRA

Specifically designed to allow the installation of ceramic and stone tile over any even and load-bearing substrate. The integration of DITRA’s uncoupling, waterproofing, load-distribution, and vapor management functions makes consistent results viable.

  • Prevents movement stresses from the subfloor from being transferred to the tile assembly

  • Can support heavy loads

  • Protects wood subfloor from moisture penetration (waterproofing)

  • Manages residual moisture from the subfloor, e.g., concrete (vapor management)

  • Only 1/8” (3 mm) thick

  • No nonsense warranty

  • Eliminates the main cause for cracked tiles

  • Protects and effectively manages moisture for all types of subfloors (e.g.: plywood, OSB, concrete, etc.) which could otherwise damage the tile layer

  • Keeps flooring assembly thin – Transitioning to adjoining floor surfaces is simple

  • Quick and easy to install and transport


A multifunctional waterproof building panel used to simply and easily create ideal substrates for tile.

  • Even, impact-resistant, and rigid

  • Waterproof and temperature resistant

  • Vapor retardant

  • Thermally insulating and dimensionally stable

  • Fleece webbing for easy anchoring in thin-set mortar

  • Simple to cut using printed gridlines

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Lightweight, easy to handle and transport

  • Contains no cement or fiberglass


integrates customizable, comfortable electric floor warming with the functions associated with DITRA: uncoupling waterproofing, vapor management and support to ensure long lasting installation. Heating cables can be placed wherever heat is desired, without creating height differences in the floor.

Warm floors

Crack Resistance

Customizable heating zones

Quick and simple installation

Minimal height

Schluter Profiles: RONDEC, QUADEC, & SCHIENE

Protects the edges and outside corners of tile surfaces from chipping and breaking with its crisp, clean lines and modern finish.

Schluter Shower System:

The Schluter Shower System is an integrated family of products forming a fully sealed system that is both waterproof and vapor tight. The system is unique because the waterproofing is installed on top of the backing materials rather than below. The assembly provides superior moisture management as it does not allow moisture to penetrate into the mortar bed or wall panels. This allows the assembly to dry completely between uses. The Schluter Shower System eliminates leaks, prevents mold growth, and dramatically reduces total installation time to ensure success and make shower, steam shower, and bathtub surround installations easier than ever.

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